Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday Night Live

I have much news, but my time has been dicey these days.  I will try to write more in a bit as the break is much needed.  

Yesterday we admitted a GSW (about 0100 in the a.m.) and it was a nightmare.  We at least saved his life . . . 

However, about 9 a.m. I noticed over 20 armed policemen, numerous undercover "police" and lots of security descending upon the ICU  ....  hmmmmm, I said to myself.  Then, in a sort of elated, yet very serious dialect of something Creole/French/English - "esque" sentence, one gave me the news.  

The young 18 y.o. we had saved was allegedly part of a kidnapping / drug ring, who had been shot in the back by an unknown person.  His gang had organized overnight and had allegedly threatened to not only take him from the hospital but to avenge the police shooting.... by shooting up the hospital.  

I must say it was a bit exciting (she says disconcertingly)  - because I was the only US volunteer nurse left in the camp -- and shooting me at that point would not have furthered their cause because I was too tired to even put up a resistance were we to be held hostage .  Shit.  I was too tired to even cry.  I was not concerned for myself, but was very worried for the Haitian staff....  

A  police ambulance came, scooped up the patient we had worked feverishly to save,  and off they went into the streets -- allegedly toward the General hospital.  Oh well ----- it was't my place or my desire to question whether it mattered that he might be innocent....  life is just not that way in Haiti.  

Sadly, for Haitians, life has evolved into a series of unrealistic contracts made with God in the hope for survival through another day of demoralization.

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