Sunday, June 20, 2010


OK.  Everyone can pay a few gourde for care.  (The Haitian Gourde is basically worth about two cents in U.S. money.)  And they should.  But why are the U.S. papers running stories whining about how Haiti's private medical sector is being 'crushed' by the onslaught of free, U.S.-based care?

There are a relative  handful of Haitians who can afford to pay for their care.  And they should.  The doctors here have a right to make a living.   But for the 95% of Haitians who can't afford malaria medicine or food . . . 

WTF??   What is the 'private sector' doing for this infant??

Ooops.  I guess you can tell I've finally gotten some rest.

Sorry about that...

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  1. Hi Stef...Just checking in and sending some love. For your birthday, I wish you a world that would make sense; world citizens who know that we are here for each other - and who behave from that knowledge; and healthcare, education, food and shelter for every man, woman and child on the planet. Know that you are loved and appreciated.

    Always, Kathryn