Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gun Shot Wounds

I am waiting for the Haitian police to make me feel more secure.    It looks as though it may be a long wait. 

About two weeks ago we received a young man with a gun shot wound to his neck.  After seven or eight feverish hours  he was not yet stable, but it looked like he had a chance.   That was when the police swarmed into the hospital, insisting that they had to take our patient away because, they claimed, some rival gang would otherwise storm the hospital and shoot it up.

Well, the police took him and we were gunshot free until two a.m. a few nights ago when a man who decided he needed medical attention demonstrated his displeasure that we were closed by firing several rounds into the air.  

Our would-be patient, of course, was another policeman.  I felt so much safer when I learned that if one of us were felled, it would be by police bullets.  

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