Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First Look

These photographs are out of order as far as the chronology of the posts so I have indicated the date, location and any other information gathered onsite. They were taken during the first few days as Steve, Jerry and Carla patiently drove me through Port Au Prince to see the after-effects first hand.

Thinking back, I wish there had been some way for them to prepare me for the unspeakable devastation and now realize they were still trying to comprehend it themselves.

I am forever indebted to Steve, who opened his home (relatively undamaged by the earthquake) and family to me. I am especially grateful to Jerry and Carla who without question, concern or delay took me to the most devastated areas around Port Au Prince. They spent hours of their time helping injured people and helping me. They are amazing people who I am honored to call my friends.

Thank you Steve.
Thank you Jerry.
Thank you Carla.
I love you.

January 22, 2010
Market destroyed hundreds trapped; multiple casualties

January 23, 2010
Business destroyed by EQ w/ multiple casualties